Hiring Tweeters
How It Works

Step 1: To Find some one to tweet your business for you click here

Step 2: Click on the the Twitter ICON  sds


Step 4.  ON the next page CLICK  2. A list of people to hire.  After clicking on list of people to hire
you will see Name, PM, & Promo Code of the person you choose.  

Next Click on:   Contact me in private messaging

Step 5.  If you do not have a person accesss Code, look toward the bottom of the  page and click the Submit Button and we wil send a invite to them for you. After you become friends with them, ask how much they charge to tweet for you. and what you want them to tweet.  After you come to an agreement with the person to to Step 6.

Step 6.  Go Back to Home Page

Step 7: Click on the the Twitter ICON  sds

Next Click on this ICON xxxx

Step 8: Fill out the Form you see. PLEASE read before you start...
1. You will need to put in your person's promo code
2.  Fill out the Instruciton and payment agreement.  Usually what type in what we areed on, the price how many times
they will tweet and I add in the one line I want them to tweet. Keep in mind the tweet can only 140 character long
including the url.  So if you are tweeting a city, I would say something like this: Example Houston, Tx Raining Dates Join Now! Then put the link to that city.

Create a work link for your workers to promote your websites on Twitter. 

For every job you hire out to a worker, you create a new job link on this page that will let you know when they have completed the task you are paying them to do. If you hire the same person to tweet for you again, simply create a new job link for them. 

The link provides you with verified results because it keeps track of how many unique visitors from Twitter have come to your website. The best way to offer work is to pay for unique visitors from Twitter. When you use the link provided to you by timngeo for your worker to promote, it will insure they cannot cheat you with fake traffic. You can create as many of these job links for free as long as you are at least a Silver member.

After you have completed that portion and after your person starts to tweet... to Step 8

Step 8:  If you are the person tweeting and the the person hiring click this Icon To

See Results of your worker tweets!