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Tips from Geo Monroe on How She is Promoting Her Groups
and Selling Promoted Post!
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1. First You will need to be upgraded to Start Your Own Group(s). It is only $10 per year to upgrade.
Make sure you have listen to the training Videos I have created for you CLICK HERE and
you will find Youtube Videos Tim has Created on pages throughout Tim n Geo.

2.  Once you have upgraded, Start a group about your Business you want to get Referrals in. If you do not have
a business then do this or have as many groups as your Membership allows.

        You can create a room only for advertising. This is where people will  post their ads for
        Free.  Make Sure to give it a creative name (ex:  We Got Your Back Ads) LOL

         How you do capitalize on having a free advertising room ? You Put your own Promoted Ads
         in that Room and make sure you are promoting this room in Traffic Exchanges, plus you
         Can Sell  promoted ads too.

3. Next Make a couple of post in your room, using text and images (Check out my room here ) to get a feel for
what you want to do.

Here is a post you can use to tell people about Promoted post in your room if you choose to.

All Members and Non Members,
Did you know you can get a paid ad in this
group. They are called promoted post. They will
stand out from the rest of the ads on this page.

You add the text, website link, image is optional and we add the colored bordered.
Your Promoted Post will Rotate every 20 posts being made in this group at the top of the page.
I am promoting this group all over the Internet so your post will get seen not only by members
at Tim n Geo but by others on the Internet.
To get started http://timngeo.com?page=97&unique_id=xxxxyourpromocode

Once you have added your promo code to the end of the link above, copy the entire post
including the URL and post it in your group.

4. Once you are done setting up your group, go to Main Account, Click #5 and get the advertising link for your Group(s).

5.  Go put your Groups link or Links in a ton Manual Traffic Exchange!
      PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR LINK IN auto traffic exchanges!

6.   I have my groups in a ton of Traffic Exchanges and People are joining from my group page.

7.   The Key to this is to make sure you are posting in your rooms consistently. Later Tim, will complete
       the auto posting feature that will allow you to set up your post and post for you.

TIP: Buy the Super Simple Sales System to help you sales your Promoted Post Go to Main Account then click on #15 to buy!

Here are some Traffic Exchanges you can join and post your links: