How To Set Up and Sell Promoted Post in Your Groups
You must be an Upgraded Member to Turn on and Sell the Promoted Post Feature
Go To the Main Account Page and Click on #15. Manage Your Super Simple Sales System for Promoted Posts

You Will come to a page that ask you to buy the Super Simple Sales System to sell the Promoted Post for $20 Per year.

After you have bought the system, go back to the Account page and click #15.

You will see a page to set up your system.  You can choose what I have below in the boxes or choose your own prices. Make sure to Click Submit when you are done.  Step 2 is not a must do. You do not have to create any images if you don't know how. Step 2 is more for the experienced Marketer.

You will Get an Email Notice when someone fills out form and has paid you for a promoted post in your room(s).  Subject of the email will be:   Potential Buyer of Your Promoted Posts ... Now the email will give you a ton of information so please make sure to read it carefully.

Click here to see what your customer will see.
I want to sell Promoted Posts by hits/views. 
I want to sell 5,000 hits/views for:
I want to sell 15,000 hits/views for:
I want to sell 50,000 hits/views for:
I want to sell 100,000 hits/views for:
I want to create images (pictures) for Promoted Posts. 
I want to charge for each image (picture):

If you do not want to sell Promoted Post in Your Room just to go Main Account and Click #4 4. Edit & see statistics for your timngeo Marketing. Look at the Table Heading until you see these 2 Headings:

Who Can Post in Your Group? If you do not want extra ads in your group = Click the word Change - Once that is done only you can post in your group.

Are You Selling Promoted Posts for this Group? Click the words: Turn On - means you accept and sell promoted post in your group