A Note About Geo Monroe
She was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She was always an entrepreneur even at the age of 12, where she taught herself how to play the piano, so she could play for her church's Children's choir and get paid. She accomplished that goal.

Geo, has always wanted to work for herself, even when she was working in the Corporate World, and succeeded in every job she was given, but, never gave up her dream to work for herself.
Well, one day she was on the Internet, and saw an ad that said, work from home, and that's how it all got started for her in 2008. Geo, open her own Marketing Sites on the Internet, they were paying, her, but she needed to earn more, in order, to stay at home and work.

So, in 2011, her world changed, she was introduce to Timothy L Drobnick, Sr, and Womvegas.

As soon as she got familiar with the site, she knew this site was for her, and made a decision to be the Number 1 Sales person and to stick with it until it happened.

In 2012 she became the Number one Sales person and became partners with Tim in 2016. So, you see, It's not over, until you win. a quote by, Les Brown, and that is exactly how Geo felt, while climbing the mountain of success, and praying her way, up to the Top. For Geo, getting to the top did not come overnight! it took work, consistency and persistence. It took following what Timothy L Drobnick, Sr, said to DO, to get famous. If Geo can make her dreams come true, you can too.

Thanks for being a member and choosing Tim and Geo!

Geo encourages you to ask questions, and never, never, give up on your dreams.