Promoted Post at Tim n Geo
You must be an Upgraded Member to Turn on the Promoted Post Feature

To find the Promoted Post Section to the Account Page and Click #14
Manage Your Promoted Posts in Your Groups

To set up a Promoted post, Click the Word: EDIT and follow the prompts.

These promoted posts will only be placed in YOUR GROUPS. You can change these promoted posts anytime you want. You can add as many views to these promoted posts as you want. Add UNLIMITED views! Each promoted post can have MANY VIEWS during it's time near the top of your group. Your promoted posts will not post more than once every ten regular posts.

You can use these promoted posts for local businesses, your businesses, or anything you want. (No porn or illegal activity allowed).

These promoted posts are yours, AND NEVER EXPIRE, for as long as you are an upgraded member.

You can EVEN SELL these promoted posts for any amount you like and keep 100% of the money. You will need to collect the payment from your customer or our membes, and install their promoted post. PLEASE NOTE: To keep 100% of what you sell, you must agree to allow outside promoted posts in your groups no more than once every 20 posts. You will always be able to delete any offensive posts.

Thanks for listening and remember, Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours. a quote by, Les Brown

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