"You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great." Les Brown

What is Tim n Geo.....

Tim N Geo is a Social Marketing System where you can meet people, chat with them, and open your own group to showcase your business to all members and to the world of the Internet.

Here are some reasons to Join Tim and Geo and become an UPGRADED Member!
In your group(s) you can post as many times as you want about your business, you can choose to Sell Promoted Post to our members or to outside customers in your group(s), and keep 100% of the profit. You can choose to use promoted post for yourself. What a way to get seen! You must be an upgraded Member to turn on this feature. Click Here to Upgrade!Take a look at our current groups Click Here

Another Reason to Join Tim and Geo....
You can make friends with everyone who join Tim and Geo if you choose too, and chat with them about your business in private chat, according to your membership. You will be able to grow your social media Sites by adding your links to Tim n Geo for all to see on the Make Friends page. Click Here

Tim and Geo has exciting contests going all the time.. Right now we have 7 Contest and you could be the winner of
Three or all Seven. We even offer cash on some contest and a cryptocurrency coin on another!

At Tim n Geo we offer you a great way To get Your Ads promoted to the Top social media sites. You fill out a job form and contact the jobber in private to discuss advertising for you.

Free Members at Tim and Geo Will be able to make friends, Earn Points, participate in Contests and Create a Free Beautiful Landing page to promote, plus earn 10% commission when your referrals buy a product.

Tim and Geo has more to come - How about Auto posting in your groups and our Virtual Assistant, who will Welcome your Referrals to Tim and Geo for you.

How to Promote Tim and Geo
Tim has set up Tim and Geo pages to Promote - Go to Account, Click #5 or click here and use those links only to promote pages on the Internet.

You can Put these group pages in Traffic Exchanges to let people know what is going on in your group. People will want to join you from your group page.

Use our sales ads, or write your own, and promote your group Link, or your About Us Link or your Lead Capture page. Promote in Solo Ads at Mailers, Text Ad Exchagnes, and Super Solos. Mailers and Text Ad Exchanges! They get the job done. Make sure to have a catchy subject. ... Join some here Click Here

Fill out a Job form to get jobbers to promote for you in Social Media Sites. Go the the homepage and Click the Twitter Icon or Click Here

Tip: If you want to get prospects, Promote Your Group, please make posts consistently in your groups, be clever with your post them and entertaining. Check out what others are doing in their groups, talk to some of the owners of groups, help each other, Take it one more step and be willing to make a phone call if necessary to help your prospect.. This very step (calling people) has branded our names, Georgetta Monroe and Timothly L. Drobnick, Sr. Remember, when you Chat with a prospect on Tim and Geo and give out your number, it will be in private so no one can see your phone number. Now That's a win win.

If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you. Les Brown

Make it a Great Day!
Tim n Geo