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How It Works

Most of the time, you can find answers to your questions, if you scroll down on the live chat, and read what is going on with the site. If you are looking for, how to create a Good as Cash Account, it will be on the live Chat but, maybe down a few post.  Please Join our Facebook group right now, CLICK HERE  for support as well.

Because we have many members Questions and Answers get pushed Down on the Live Chat. If you have asked a question, and you do not see it at the top of the  live Chat, Please scroll down  until you see your name and our answer to you.  Tim and Geo do not want anyone thinking we did not address your question.

If you ask a Question and it has to do with Programming, Geo will copy your questions and give it to Tim to Review and Fix your problem.

If you have a question about commission, give us time to research what happen and we will give you an answer.

Tim lives on the East Coast and Geo lives on the West Coast, USA.  So be aware of Time differences between where you live and where we live. Your Questions will be answered.
If You Posted but you do not see your post, that does not mean It was not answered. Your post and answer may be pushed down where you cannot see it. All you have to do is Look for  See More post in the greysih are on the Chat Box and click 100 or 500 to see more post.
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Please Make sure to come back and check for our answers and please do not forget to Scroll down on the Live Chat for your answers.

Have a Great Day!