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Setting Up Your Group
NUMBER ONE QUESTION: How Do I change the name of a Group?
Go to Account, once on that page click #4, Next Look in the Table for: Change Name


Go the
Account Tab and click #3 to Set up your landing page which will create your group.

After you have created your landing page go to the next step.

4. Edit see statistics for your timngeo Marketing.

On the Next Page in the Table Look for this:

Edit About Us

Look for the name of your Landing page then go over the right and click

Add text or HTML to your About Us page on this timngeo Social Marketing System.

Here you can enter detailed information about your business or group.
You may use plain text or HTML text, add embedded videos and images to your message.
Suggestion: Use an HTML editor to get your source code.

If you do now know how to Use HTML just enter PLAIN TEXT.

Once you are done adding information click Submit.

See an example of an ABOUT US page with video and image Click Here
Background and logo is from the landing page I created
I just wanted to show you how Beautiful your About US page can look.

You will need your  ABOUT US referral link for this next Step, go to Account and then click on
5. Get your Wom URL timngeo Social Marketing System links to advertise.

Take your link and put it in another Browser Tab and click Enter and you will see your Group. In order for your group to show up on the Group Page, you must make a post.  You can post something like "Welcome to my Group". Notice the two tabs at the top of your group.. About Us, Look Here and Home - Click them

After you have created your post go to the Home page and click on the Group Icon and look for the name of your group.

If you have a facebook group that is associated with your group name, please add it Here
or go to the Home page and click the Facebook Icon  (You do not have to have a facebook group if you do not want one)

Please make a post everyday to your group in order to stay at the top of the Group Page.