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Tim n Geo's Support Information written by Geo Monroe
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How to get Started Using and Promoting Tim n Geo
1. First, Create your landing page/group video to watch Click Here
2. Add Your Group to Traffic on the Holiday Video to watch Click Here next Promote Your referring Link
     in every Traffic Exchange you are a member of... Here are some you can get started in Click Here

3. After you add Your Groups to Traffic Holiday you will need to get credits for your groups to show Click Here
4. Purchase a Viral Website for $5 for Five year and Promote your Link  Click Here
5. Go to Account then go to #12 and Get your Referring links that promote Tim n Geo
    Plus you will find an Ad you can use and Banners to promote or simply Click Here
6. Promote all of your Landing Pages on your Profile Page. This will bring you so many Referrals.
    Go to Account then click on #5 to get your Lead Capture Page Links
7. To get Your Profile Page promoted on Traffic on the Holiday ... Do This:
    Enter Your Picture or Avatar (NOT A AFFILIATE BANNER PLEASE) Go To Account then Scroll down to #2
    To enter information on the ABOUT ME SECTION on you Profile Page Go to Accouont then Scroll down to #1

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Click here to Watch Tim's Video on How to Set up and Sell Your Promoted Post

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You Will Find:  What In Your Account! How To Find the Viral Website, Traffic Holiday, and Promoted Post and Sales page. How To Make Friends at Tim n Geo! All About Traffic Holiday!