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Tim n Geo Groups are designed so that you can Sell a product, Get Referrals in an affiliate program, or Showcase a business!  Make a post in your room everyday and be at the Top of the list on the Group page.

Welcome to all new Members.. We are glad you are here.

Tim and I created this section so that you can sell a product, Get referrals in an affiliate program, or simply showcase your business to our members and others all over the Internet.

All you have to do is get a membership to Create the group of your choice.  Next start posting in your
group(s) and add a couple of Promoted post so that everyone can see what you have to offer on the Group Page Click Here

It is very important to post in your groups or your groups information posts will not be seen on Traffic on the holiday. So when you create a group please go and post in it right away.

Did you know that promoted post comes with your groups FREE and you can sell them in your group(s) and keep all the cash or just use them Free for yourself. Promoted post show up in your group(s) every 5 post and is added to Traffic on the Holiday after approval. You can find
promoted post under Account and then #14.

Next Add your group(s) to Traffic on the Holiday, our traffic exchange. This Traffic Exchange is Unique, and changes its header to the Holiday of the month.

Because of Traffic on the Holiday, your groups and promoted posts will be seen all over the Internet.

Take a look, Click Here

By the way folks..... everyone's Profile will be on Traffic Holiday. So if you want
your profile to stay on Traffic Holiday all the time you must surf and earn credits to do so.

Top Surfers are shown in our Famous Coffee Shop at the top of the hour everyday. 

Next, Please click here to learn how to create yourgroups and add them to Traffic on the Holiday plus learn how to surf! Click Here

Everyone can earn a ton of points by clicking the approve link under each post in the Groups and in the Coffee Shop!