More Info and How To Join Traffic on the Holiday

This is a new invention that will Work for Affiliates and Website owners!


You can find Traffic on the Holiday at Tim n Geo. If you are interested in having a business group or an
affiliate group promoted on Traffic on the Holiday, then you must upgrade your membership at TimnGeo.
You can join for free, then go to Account, and click the Tab Pricing Tab to choose a membership that is
 right for you. Memberships starts at $10 per year and up! Not Pricey at all.

Once you have upgraded, you can add your groups to Traffic on the Holiday, your promoted posts
are added as soon as they are approved by Admin.

Promoted post are free when you upgrade as well. These Post  go on the inside of your group and stand
out with a color border to attract attention when people visit your group. You can sell them to our
 members or customers and keep 100% of the cash or use them for yourself.
Here is the Video on Promoted Post by Tim.  Click Here

Here is what a Promoted Post looks in a group:  Click Here

Here are the Videos telling you how to create your groups and add them to traffic
on the Holiday.  Click Here

Traffic on the Holiday is designed for you to promote your specials year round and our
Header changes to each major Holiday every month to attract buyers.

Take a look at Traffic on the Holiday Here!

Traffic on the Holiday is the best way to Advertise AND Build an Ongoing Business
and Income each month.

We have went viral, so All I can say is get in now. Join Free and then go
upgrade your account.. All upgrades last for 1 year.

All the Best!