Auto Posting Instructions

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Next Look for Auto-Posting
in the Table  -
Click There

You Must Have Credits to Post
Free Members - Must Buy Them
Topaz Members - 750 Free Monthly
Pearl Members - 425 Free Monthly
Opal Members - 175 Free Monthly

Chat Room:  Choose Your Chat Room you want the posting to post in!

Label for This Post: (Only you see this) Name Your Post (example: Infinity Ad)

Hours to Post Start Time:  Choose what Time You want to start your posting!

Hours to Post End Time:   Choose what time You want to End Your posting!

Posts Per Day:   Choose How Many Times You Want to  Your Post to Post per day. I would NOT go over 2 Times!
Warning: Duplicating the same post in any house chat room in the same day is not allowed. You may post as you wish in your own chat rooms. 

End Date: (Optional, leave blank if you want this to run until you manually delete.)
Month:  Day:  Year: 

Type your auto-post in the NEXT BOX. Anything that starts with http:// will automatically be turned into a clickable link that says "Click here".   Make sure you DO NOT FORGET Your Link!

Next Click the word: UPDATE

I hope these instructions help!
I am Georgetta Monroe
Topaz and Diamond Member


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